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9. Why are there four Gospels?

The title of this episode is a question from one of our listeners. Dan Weatherall and Jon Davies explore what’s behind it and find that there are even bigger questions to consider, like why are there differences between the Gospels?  How we answer that gets to the heart of what the Gospels are for and how we read them.  Listen in and see what you think!

Apologies for the sound quality on this episode – we think we’ve sorted out a fix that will mean future episodes will be a whole lot better.

8. The Spirit of God

There is so much baggage attached to the concepts of ‘the Spirit of God’ or ‘the Holy Spirit’ that it can be really difficult to know where to start in understanding what the concept means in scripture and in our daily lives.  Sam Thomas talks to Paul Davenport about how to unpick the basic concept and its meaning in scripture. Listen in to find out what it’s all about!

7. The Bible and History – a case study

The connection between the Bible and history is complicated. Should the Bible be treated as objective, literal history or should we see it as all myths?  Is it possible to find the truth somewhere between those two extremes? Dan and Paul explore these questions by using one of the ancient kings of Judah, Hezekiah, as a case study.

6. Pride and the Power of Parables – Part 2

Paul Davenport and Josh Dean conclude a two part series about pride and how it is characterised in the Biblical narrative.  This section shows how the Bible, and especially Jesus, uses stories and parables to help us think deeper and challenge ourselves.

5. Pride and the Power of Parables – Part 1

In a two part mini series Paul Davenport talks to Josh Dean about pride and how it is characterised in the Biblical narrative but also about how the Bible uses stories, or parables, to help us think deeper and challenge ourselves.

4. Grace is the only way to live

Paul talks to Dan Parsons about another important word in the New Testament – the concept of ‘grace’.  The conversation focuses on Ephesians chapter 2 and shows how a religion based on rules and laws is bound to fail, but grace is much more powerful. Listen in to find out why!

3. Faith in action

What does faith look like in the real world?  In this conversation Dan Weatherall talks  to Mick and Karen McNeil about faith in action in their daily lives, how it shapes the way they deal with life’s experiences, whether at work or home or in the context of global events such as Coronavirus.

2. Faith – not so simple after all

Is faith a simplistic, blind belief in something? Is it a gift that some people have and so are able to trust in something without question or doubt?  Or does it require evidence which is open to doubt, questions, even confusion? Josh Dean and Paul Davenport discuss some Biblical examples of faith and find that it really is not so simple after all.

1. Prophecy and Faith

Is there such a thing as genuine predictive prophecy? Is the point of prophecy in the Bible to predict the future so that we know what’s coming or does it serve some other purpose?  Is prophecy intended to bring people who don’t believe to embrace faith in God or is it directed at people who already have faith?  All of these questions and more are discussed in this conversation by Dan Weatherall and Paul Davenport.

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