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Bible Feed is a growing collection of online resources run by Christadelphians from the UK and Canada. We aim to increase familiarity and understanding of the Bible by creating and sharing quality content from the vibrant Christadelphian community.

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We are “ordinary” people, which is to say that we aren’t directly trained in theology or Biblical studies. However, we aim to bring good Bible scholarship accessible to all – to other “ordinary” people like us. We want to keep improving our understanding of the Bible and you can be part of the journey by following all our material right here and on our social channels.


The Christadelphians are a Biblical Unitarian church found worldwide across all continents with a treasured and vibrant fellowship.

We share belief in the one God and his Son, Jesus Christ, and base our faith and trust on the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Our understanding of God’s love, mercy and grace comes from the Bible, which has carried God’s word to people through history and through time. We read the Bible in context and discern its message to us today.

We believe that the Old Testament narrative teaches that humanity is stuck in a perpetual cycle of sin and death. The need for a saviour is shown repeatedly and anticipated in the Jewish scriptures.

Jesus is the answer to sin and death. A man just like us, yet with a close relationship with God as his Father, Jesus was able to overcome sin and he showed God’s love perfectly through his self sacrificial life and death.

The cross of Jesus teaches humanity’s wickedness – ordinary people just like us condemn and kill the innocent Son of God. Yet it also portrays God’s love because he gave his only Son in an attempt to win back our hearts and consciences; Jesus himself embodied that love by being willing to deny himself for us. We believe that committing to a life in Christ is seen in baptism – a ceremony of immersion in water symbolising death with Christ and rising again to new life.

We accept Jesus as our king and wait for him to reappear again to bring about God’s promised time of renewal for the earth; peace, safety and justice for everyone. Whilst we are waiting we aim to live our lives by following his steps and showing God’s love and compassion to all.


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